Tuesday, August 19, 2008

old age or new age and a movie review

Is 30 old age or is it simply a new age? I really don't feel any different but as of yesterday I have entered into a new age. Nate kindly pointed out yesterday, "So you are no longer in your twenties." No I am not, but I will always be younger than him so there! It was a nice birthday, I can now DVR my favorite shows and I got to gorge myself at Ruby River last night. We also rented a funny movie that surprised us, but we liked it. We have this bad habit... if the movie doesn't look violent or sexy we don't look at or worry about the rating. Well this movie we watched was rated 'R'. It was about teenagers so I really should have know better (they do say the F word a lot, teenagers that is). The movie was called Charlie Bartlett the stars are newcomers, but their respective parents on the movie are seasoned actors Robert Downey Jr and Hope Davis. Everyone does a great job in the movie. The movie deals with teen issues and parents of teen issues in a funny way with the main characters mostly being very neurotic people. While we were watching I couldn't help feeling like the movie reminded me of a cross between Farris Bueller's Day Off and Harold and Maude.A very strange combination I know, although this movie is more clever than both. Anyway if you liked Juno you will probably like this movie it has a similar comedic style, but beware the F word frequents and there is a scene where a couple girls run past topless. That's all folks!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking Dawn

So I was thinking I would not get to read this book until I could find someone who stayed up all night at the big weekend party to buy one & lent me theirs. Well I found it at Smith's Marketplace the next Monday for $13.97 yes I am proud. Although the party would have been a blast! Anyway I read the book quite quickly actually skimming through some parts I found particularly boring. I was sad that I found any of it boring, but I did! Maybe it is because I am pregnant and very impatient right now (yes more so than usual). I do love the way the book turned out. I found the book a little predictable, as soon as the chapters changed from one human character to another not so human character I made a few predictions in my mind that happened to turn out just as I had predicted, but then the rest surprised me. I really did enjoy reading it. If it were possible to put a rating like with movies on any of the books in the series I would say pg15. Not just 15, but pg 15 I think the topics in the book need to be discussed with a mom, or aunt, or understanding grandma. Maybe I am a prude, but oh well.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Belle's Bistro

Off to the side I have a link to a web site I will be contributing to. Check it out, we post child friendly recipes and there are lots of links to other great cooking sites.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Just a question

Why don't maternity pants have front pockets? I need to carry snot rags and chapstick! Come on clothing designers get with it! Maternity clothes are much cuter than they were 10 years ago but I am pregnant so I get to complain, right? That's all just needed to vent that!
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