Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Look out for Mr. Stork
That persevering chap
He'll come along and drop
A bundle in your lap
You may be poor or rich
It doesn't matter which
Millionaires--they get theirs
Like the butcher and the baker
So look out for Mr. Stork
And let me tell you, friend
Don't try to get away
He'll find you in the end
He'll spot you out in China or he'll fly to County Cork
So you better look out for Mr. Stork

Look out for Mr. Stork
He's got you on his list
And when he comes around
It's useless to resist
Remember those quintuplets and the woman in the shoe
Maybe he's got his eye on you

I am excited to be pregnant no matter how surprising it is. Sophia will have a close sibling and that is good I think. I won't get to have a free lap this summer like I had planned, but oh well I have the rest of my life for that and I might just miss baby on my lap after. The boys keep freaking me out and saying that we're having twins. Now that would be a surprise! They are really sweet though, Zac is always coming up to me and saying, "Mommy I want to hug the baby in your tummy." Then he cups his hands all small and puts them on my tummy. If the baby is a girl Max wants to name her after my sister Sally. I told him we don't name after the living unless it is a middle name so he said then let's give Sally for her middle name. This morning he tried to tell me if it's a girl to name her May if she's born in May. When I told him the baby was due in December he said let's name it that, December. I hope his name choices improve when he is a husband and soon to be father. I am trying to enjoy this it as it may be my last.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Juno Review

I have my playlist set up so the song from this movie comes on first. It is a weird song, but really makes sense with the couple in the movie. I liked the movie, it was very interesting! I think it's good to see that even though we want life to go a certain way it doesn't always. That's as much as I can say with out spoiling it for those who haven't seen it. It made me laugh and cry, although I am in an unexpected pregnancy so a lot of things make me cry. All in all I recommend the movie, just be prepared to be shocked. The main character is a teenager and teenagers say and do shocking things. Also the acting was really great. They probably told the kids in the movie to literally act like they normally do. Aside from loving the old fat bearded teacher the best girlfriend character was really funny and genuine. Well that is that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I added a playlist to my blog I am not sure about the order of songs. I just added them as they came to my head. Some I have heard lately so I thought of them others I can just never forget! I could think of a million songs to put on here, but I just don't have time to download them all or really to listen to them all so I guess I'll just add as I want to and see how it goes. It comes on automatically and starts with the same song everytime I am already getting sick of new soul because I kept playing with my template so I heard that song started about 10 times tonight. So I guess if you visit my blog often enuf you might want to scroll down to my playlist and change the song. I have some of the August Rush songs on there. I made Nate watch it with me last night. I had seen it, but liked it enuf to watch it again, he said it was okay. It was a little sappy, but I like sappy movies and the music was inspiring! I skipped around on it today to all the main music parts with Max. It inspired him to practice his guitar (that was my secret plan)! I give the movie a thumbs up. My fave part was when towards the end August plays a duet with an important character (I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) it really is one of the sweetest moments in the movie. Well I need to go return the movie, don't want to pay more than a $1 you know. Don't ya just love that redbox?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The View or The Vent

Today I watched the view. I usually don't because it's just not on at a good time of day for me and well I am just not very impressed by it. Today I was sick and just had to sit and eat chocolate so I would not vomit. I needed to be entertained you know to also keep me from not thinking about just throwing-up! So back to the view-they say that they discuss hot topics...they don't, they just bring them up. They never let each other really finish a sentence, except Whoopi or Barbara. Somehow Whoopi and Barbara don't have to yell to be heard. Elisabeth never gets to finish her sentences ever unless she is talking about something that is not up for discussion ie, if she is introducing something/one. Even if someone asks Elisabeth a question she usually doesn't get to finish her answer. Joy wants to be heard and yells until the others stop talking. Sherri seems the most even keel, today anyway. Barbara wasn't on today, she seems to beable to keep things calmer. I don't know about this show. Does anyone else watch it? I call it the vent because it seems like that's all that noisy Joy ever does, but I guess I am venting. Well I probably won't watch it anymore. I should've watched the BYU devotional it's on at the same time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hi I am a bad blogger! So tonight I make amends! The cruise was fabulous! Disney really takes care of you! You eat like Kings and Queens...and Princes and Princesses! They really accommodate everyone, it still would have been fun for someone with out their kids or teenagers. The first day mostly late afternoon/evening we were at sea heading towards the islands, so it was a little cool and windy, but way better than cold and snowy! The second day we made land in Nassau. Beautiful beach interesting city. The people there drive like maniacs and honk and yell at each other all the time. Our driver told us that if he ran a red light, he would get a $800 fine and 3 months in jail, also that gas was over $5 a gallon and milk even more at $8 a gallon, but beer very cheep. He said that he preferred milk. We did some shopping not as much as I would have liked, but it was fun. We mostly spent the day at the beach. The water is really clear and the sand super soft. The waves were Max's favorite and the sand I think was Zac's. Sophia spent a lot of time asleep on Nate (I think that was when she came down with the flu) Max and Zac also found a lot of coral and shells. It was nice to go back to the ship and wash off the saltwater, and have a nice meal at the restaurant with our nice servers. Fred from Jamaica was our head server and Micholav from Serbia was his assistant. They were very nice and Micholav especially good with the children. Zac is very shy and he was able to (after many nonthreatening tries) get Zac to warm up to him. The third day we went to Castaway Cay, Disney's own island. Wow, Disney sure knows how to make things magical, I guess that is what they are known for eh? Well there was not a fallen petal or piece of garbage anywhere. They had "camps" for the kids with water fights and lunch, so the boys went there and Nate, Sophia, and I took an nice stroll around the island. Then we picked the boys up and went to snorkel with the stingrays. We stood by this platform that the stingrays would swim up to (they were swimming all around us through our legs and such)we would put our hand on this plate shaped like Mickey's head and have a piece of calamari between our fingers and the stingray would come up and suck it up, it felt like a vacuum attachment. Zac freaked when they swam by his legs and started jumping up and down so we paid $35 for him to stand on the beach. Oh well we tried, and it was fine. After you put on snorkel gear on and could swim with the stingrays, I held Sophia and stayed with Zac while Nate and Max did that, they said it was very cool. The rest of the time we played on the beach and just enjoyed the warm Caribbean breezes. That night on the ship was a pirates 'in' the Caribbean party, that was fun with fireworks and all. I was a very fun time! If I can make one recommendation to anyone going on one, bring another family and plan ahead to see all the different activities because we didn't and once we got there we were a little overwhelmed and didn't do as much. It was still very fun and we've never had a vacation like it before so I can't really complain! Well enjoy the pics
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