Thursday, February 03, 2011

FO's and Mess up's

Here are some pic's of my latest FO that I designed. I call it basket weave scarf, super creative name I know! If you can think of a better name let me know. I love these infinite scarfs that stay around you neck right where you need them when your bending over shoveling, not falling open like traditional scarfs. I really wanted an interesting texture to work with and to see and feel after it was done. I thought about lace, but I really wanted it to be warm what with all the freezing temps lately. So basket weave it became, it was a fun stitch pattern to work with kind of addictive. I have a purse in mind to use it. It is a very solid and warm stitch pattern also. I knitted the scarf in two balls of Knitpicks Andean silk Merryweather.

Now sometimes things are just not meant to be so this little tiny newborn sweater dress an mess up cuz well you know. It just didn't work out so I let it sit in my project bag for 2 weeks haunting me to work on it or tweak it or something. Finally, sadly, and grudgingly I ripped it out. :( I am rethinking the whole project, but it will be a gift for my yet to be born sweet little baby niece. Aren't the colors just beautiful and sweet though? Knitpicks Shine Sport.

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