Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I really don't want to complain, but I am in my last week of pregnancy so I get to right? AHHHH Toys'r'us has the worst service ever!!! They must be really hard up for help these days. I was glared at by the 'customer service' girl when I went to ask for help, as if I was her mother and I just asked her if her homework was done. Her supervisor said, "Oh you can look that up for her." The girl flipped her multi colored hair and with even more angst than her glare at me said, "I don't know how!" To her superior!! I wanted to smack her and say you little brat look up my thing and then find it on the shelf for me! I wanted to tell her to give her supervisor more respect, but then the sup looked it up (not even showing the girl how by the way) and told me, "Oh we have 2 it should be over there." Then she just walked away! No wonder the girl felt like she could yell at her and glare at customers. The sup didn't have any more customer service skills than the girl. Finally someone decent came around and helped me. I really fear for that girls future, I hope she doesn't get pregnant any time soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Never been cut

I don't know how interesting this is to anyone, but I am amazed at how long Sophia's hair is. Being someone with straight hair that can't even hold a perm, I am in love with her curls! It is hard to tell in the picture though her hair goes to the middle of her back when pulled straight and is shoulder length when curly. I have never cut it, should I try to even it out? It kind of goes in a V, if it were straight I think I would have to.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I am so proud of the ingenuity my kids have! I know I am bragging, but I just have to celebrate the good things in life! Last night we went to Nate's sister's house for what we planned on being a very short visit. They are doing major construction and we thought the kids would just get into stuff and be obnoxious! Well they got into stuff, but it wasn't obnoxious. They entertained themselves very well playing some Indian Jones story line pretend game on the air compressor with the safety ear muffs. The best part is that Sophia started it all by playing on the compressor and the boys jumped in and made a great game of it.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Delete, go private, remain the same?

So my friend removed her blog because of this report . I did not see the first report on blogs, but I think maybe it is sensationalism for the media. You know just something to report. I can understand the woman's fear and frustration. Because it turned out to be a family friend or member or something I think it is not so bad, it wasn't a stranger or sicko. I have only ever had 2 people I didn't know comment on my blog and that was when I used labels and when I was linked to another website on purpose. I really don't think anyone is going to look at my blog other than friends, family, or fellow knitters. I do look at other knitters blogs that don't know me, people from around the world as far as Scotland and Germany, but I usually don't read the posts about their kids, husbands (or dogs for that matter) just the knitting ones. I don't judge my friend for turning off her blog it is what she needed to do, I am just wondering am I rationalizing and naive to keep my blog?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween, fuzzy suckers, & snow

This year I volunteered in Zac's class, he said I wasn't allowed to dress up just wear a funny halloween shirt. He's a very particular kid. By the way Sophia is a pink poodle(not a lamb, there was some confusion)

These suckers were found after Sophia had spent some time down in Max and Zac's room. When Nate asked Max about it he said, "Oh Sophia did that she likes to sample stuff." We continue to find discarded suckers.

Big kids are great! Even though the age gap in our family is complicated(with all the sports and school stuff) sometimes it really comes in handy to have your 8 yr old be able to take your 2 yr old out in the snow when you are just too pregnant for your snow coat. Thanks Max! Zac is great too he did help her up a few times when she fell down.
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