Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sophia is starting to understand things about the baby. She has discovered that baby Milo is staying and that I don't have to hold him all the time. I put him on a blanket on the floor and she got really excited about him. "Baby, baby!" she said, then I said, "Do you like the baby?" "Like baby!" she exclaimed. Now I just have to teach her that I do sometimes have to hold him, I think this will take a while. Wish me luck.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Things Come To Those Wait

Even if I didn't wait patiently!

Milo Nathaniel Cummings
Saturday, December 6,2008
7:53 pm
7 lbs. 14 oz.
21 in.

Max and Zac are excited!

But Sophia is not so much!

All Bundled up to go home

I think he looks most like Zac in this picture, but sometimes he looks like Max or Sophia. Whataya think?

Friday, December 05, 2008


Milo is still not here yet! He doesn't seem to think being on time is important, a habit I hope he breaks by the time he starts school! Maybe I was a bad example with all the times I was late to church this year. I have been going a little nuts! I know he is only 2 days late, but it's still as frustrating as can be! I will hopefully be induced on Saturday (if my cervix is favorable). I am trying to visualize me progressing(you know all the voodoo natural stuff) and also planning for disappointment, what a contradiction! I didn't break into tears right away at my doctor appt like I did with Sophia, that happened at 3am Thursday while I yelled at Nate about everything I am mad about. I probably looked like a pregnant Medusa, I am surprised he didn't run away screaming, he even brought me to his fancy work party where he gave a really good speech. I would say maybe the due date was incorrect, but 2 ultrasounds said Dec. 3. Oh well so that is my update.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I really don't want to complain, but I am in my last week of pregnancy so I get to right? AHHHH Toys'r'us has the worst service ever!!! They must be really hard up for help these days. I was glared at by the 'customer service' girl when I went to ask for help, as if I was her mother and I just asked her if her homework was done. Her supervisor said, "Oh you can look that up for her." The girl flipped her multi colored hair and with even more angst than her glare at me said, "I don't know how!" To her superior!! I wanted to smack her and say you little brat look up my thing and then find it on the shelf for me! I wanted to tell her to give her supervisor more respect, but then the sup looked it up (not even showing the girl how by the way) and told me, "Oh we have 2 it should be over there." Then she just walked away! No wonder the girl felt like she could yell at her and glare at customers. The sup didn't have any more customer service skills than the girl. Finally someone decent came around and helped me. I really fear for that girls future, I hope she doesn't get pregnant any time soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Never been cut

I don't know how interesting this is to anyone, but I am amazed at how long Sophia's hair is. Being someone with straight hair that can't even hold a perm, I am in love with her curls! It is hard to tell in the picture though her hair goes to the middle of her back when pulled straight and is shoulder length when curly. I have never cut it, should I try to even it out? It kind of goes in a V, if it were straight I think I would have to.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I am so proud of the ingenuity my kids have! I know I am bragging, but I just have to celebrate the good things in life! Last night we went to Nate's sister's house for what we planned on being a very short visit. They are doing major construction and we thought the kids would just get into stuff and be obnoxious! Well they got into stuff, but it wasn't obnoxious. They entertained themselves very well playing some Indian Jones story line pretend game on the air compressor with the safety ear muffs. The best part is that Sophia started it all by playing on the compressor and the boys jumped in and made a great game of it.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Delete, go private, remain the same?

So my friend removed her blog because of this report . I did not see the first report on blogs, but I think maybe it is sensationalism for the media. You know just something to report. I can understand the woman's fear and frustration. Because it turned out to be a family friend or member or something I think it is not so bad, it wasn't a stranger or sicko. I have only ever had 2 people I didn't know comment on my blog and that was when I used labels and when I was linked to another website on purpose. I really don't think anyone is going to look at my blog other than friends, family, or fellow knitters. I do look at other knitters blogs that don't know me, people from around the world as far as Scotland and Germany, but I usually don't read the posts about their kids, husbands (or dogs for that matter) just the knitting ones. I don't judge my friend for turning off her blog it is what she needed to do, I am just wondering am I rationalizing and naive to keep my blog?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween, fuzzy suckers, & snow

This year I volunteered in Zac's class, he said I wasn't allowed to dress up just wear a funny halloween shirt. He's a very particular kid. By the way Sophia is a pink poodle(not a lamb, there was some confusion)

These suckers were found after Sophia had spent some time down in Max and Zac's room. When Nate asked Max about it he said, "Oh Sophia did that she likes to sample stuff." We continue to find discarded suckers.

Big kids are great! Even though the age gap in our family is complicated(with all the sports and school stuff) sometimes it really comes in handy to have your 8 yr old be able to take your 2 yr old out in the snow when you are just too pregnant for your snow coat. Thanks Max! Zac is great too he did help her up a few times when she fell down.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Musing about Motherhood

I love my children. I have been reading Glenn Latham's books and learning that I suck at mothering. Max is such a wonderful kid that he has put up with my stupid mistakes for 8 years now. It is so embarrassing that he is as old as he is and I am just barely figuring a few things out. I am way too emotional(don't tell Nate he might use it against me) & anxious, but I have learned today is not forever. The boys will learn to be quiet in sacrament, they will learn that playing with lego's when your supposed to be getting ready for school will make you late. I am learning that no one is listening to my noisy kids in sacrament just their own and that if I have to drive the boys to school it is not the end of the world just inconvenient! I am learning that Sophia is at a very messy age(As if she is followed by a tornado), but that she also likes to clean up and responds well to 'Yeah!' The boys laugh when I cheer for them, but I think that deep down and as long as I don't do it in front of their friends that they really like it. I don't have to have an anxiety attack about every little thing! I just need to stop and watch and I will see that growing is happening and I am in charge of making sure that growing is positve.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Name change in order?

I feel as though I should have named this blog Emily's ramblings about anything because that is what I do. I rarely blog about knitting which is sad because I do a lot of it. So now I will and I hope I don't bore my non-knitting friends. When I got back from the cruise earlier this year I had a major creative block (little did I know I was pregnant and I think my body was busy making baby number 4 more than just some cells). I couldn't even get myself to knit other peoples patterns let alone continue designing as I had been. I was so depressed so I took a break, but now I'm back and here are some cute little ballet slipper style shoes on my very unwilling model Sophia (I wanted her to point her toes).

And here is Sophia again in the funniest pants ever, but Nate's loves them and that makes all the difference. Notice the cable on the side.

I don't know if anyone is interested, but both of these patterns can be found on the most awesome knitting site
Right now I am working on a fair isle back pack for Sophia because she always steals her bro's and loses their school stuff, not good! I have also gotten into quilting so check back for photos of Sophia's new bedroom when I finish it. Maybe I should name this blog Crafty Emily, no that sounds bad maybe Emily tries to craft...I don't know it will probably stay what it is.

Dancing with the Stars

Boo Hoo no more cute Maks! Can't they give him a new partner? I mean we have had to put up with watching Cloris Leachman's disgusting wrinkly cleavage at least give us our eye candy back!

You have to admit that is eye candy, and the man can move he can even make flamboyancy look masculine! Does anyone else watch this show? I love it! With the remaining stars so far I think it will come down to the Mom/model, the fat guy, and the kid. The others are good, but I think these three are consistently good and the most high profile. I just hope people will vote off Cloris because even though Rocco can't really dance well he's better than Cloris and so adorable.

Okay I'll stop rambling!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Windows yeah!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!! We have windows in the basement!!! Can ya tell I am happy about this? Sister Hinkley once gave this advice in an interview..."Lower your expectations." At first when we started this whole window fiasco I had really high hopes and was so excited and I kept getting let down. I was so disappointed, then I remembered this advice and lowered my expectations. Well after that the windows guys actually called me on the day they said they would to tell me that they would be here sooner than I thought and then they actually came on that day and installed the windows in half the time I thought...exceeding my expectations! What a wise woman, Sister Hinkley! Since everything in the end went my way it is so hard to keep my expectation low I just have to not expect Nate to finish the sheet rock and stuff inside the house and then he will... right?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Conquering Hero

Captain Underpants is my hero! He is gross and silly and really completely ridiculous; nonetheless he has saved the day at my house. As some of you may know, my Max doesn't choose to read on his own in fact I have to beg him to read. Since we ordered the Captain Underpants collection he reads every chance he gets. I have to give some credit to my cute Zac as well because he listens to Max read and Max really needs the out loud reading time. I know Max is improving because Zac doesn't like to listen if it's too slow, so Thank You Zac. It makes me so happy to have learning not be such a chore! Learning can be so fun, I am thankful to people such as Dav Pilkey who write books young boys enjoy reading. Now that Max has an opportunity to see that reading on his own is enjoyable he reads others things with more confidence. This all happened really in just a few days. I am not saying homework time is easy and suddenly he concentrates, but it is easier than it used to be. I think it is good to celebrate life's small successes!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football & School Starting

This post is overdue, I should have done it as two seperate ones, but whatever. Max plays football now my little boy is playing a sport where the mentality is CRUSH UM'! It's strange what he is supposed to do on the field is not socially acceptable to do anywhere else especially to your little brother who is not expecting a tackle. Yet this sport is probably the most popular American sport and we can't help, but take pride in him playing it. We aren't even sport watching or following at all kind of people. A word of warning for those yet to have an 8 year old boy, it takes over your life. Luckily it will be over before Halloween. He has been playing since August and has only won one game, although yesterday they almost won. It was a really close game the whole time then right before the last play the East coach was out on the field with his players, shaking them and head-butting them. He was pretty serious about what he told them because they ended up preventing our boys from making the winning point. It was pretty crazy to see that guy shaking those little boys. I've never seen our coaches do that and I hope I never do.

Zac starting school has been great, he really likes it. Sophia misses him when he is gone. He is so cute he comes home and tells me he has a new best friend but he doesn't know his name. Here is a cute pic of boys in the ward in his class.

These boys were nice to pose for me.

As keeping with tradition that actually skipped my generation, (I care more about my German heritage than my mom does hers) I made Zac a Zuckertüte or Schultüte. My mom said it was Zuckertüte which means sugar sack, she is from East Germany and had one when she went to kindergarten (German for children garden). I have the cutest pic of her with hers back in 1950 or something I will have to find it and post it soon.

No more jammin'

I just had to remove my music from my blog, everytime I bring up my blog and make changes I hear just the beginning of songs and it was making me crazy! More crazy than I already am anyway.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just a short word about Home Improvement

If you are lucky enough (like me) to live in a 55 year old house then you probably are also lucky enough to have tiny basement windows. Well...cut them out before you finish the basement or plan on having your walls and carpet ruined. Also plan on the contractors taking a really long time and to take early lunches long breaks with lots of cussing and leaving for the day at 4:00 even if the job is not done and they told you it would be. Also it is really noisy, more than you can imagine. I just had to get that out! Our contractors really were nice guys and I guess it is just how the nature of their work is. At least now when we put the boys in the basement we know they will be able to crawl out if there is a fire (hope there is not!) I just hope they don't want to crawl out of the windows for fun.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

old age or new age and a movie review

Is 30 old age or is it simply a new age? I really don't feel any different but as of yesterday I have entered into a new age. Nate kindly pointed out yesterday, "So you are no longer in your twenties." No I am not, but I will always be younger than him so there! It was a nice birthday, I can now DVR my favorite shows and I got to gorge myself at Ruby River last night. We also rented a funny movie that surprised us, but we liked it. We have this bad habit... if the movie doesn't look violent or sexy we don't look at or worry about the rating. Well this movie we watched was rated 'R'. It was about teenagers so I really should have know better (they do say the F word a lot, teenagers that is). The movie was called Charlie Bartlett the stars are newcomers, but their respective parents on the movie are seasoned actors Robert Downey Jr and Hope Davis. Everyone does a great job in the movie. The movie deals with teen issues and parents of teen issues in a funny way with the main characters mostly being very neurotic people. While we were watching I couldn't help feeling like the movie reminded me of a cross between Farris Bueller's Day Off and Harold and Maude.A very strange combination I know, although this movie is more clever than both. Anyway if you liked Juno you will probably like this movie it has a similar comedic style, but beware the F word frequents and there is a scene where a couple girls run past topless. That's all folks!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking Dawn

So I was thinking I would not get to read this book until I could find someone who stayed up all night at the big weekend party to buy one & lent me theirs. Well I found it at Smith's Marketplace the next Monday for $13.97 yes I am proud. Although the party would have been a blast! Anyway I read the book quite quickly actually skimming through some parts I found particularly boring. I was sad that I found any of it boring, but I did! Maybe it is because I am pregnant and very impatient right now (yes more so than usual). I do love the way the book turned out. I found the book a little predictable, as soon as the chapters changed from one human character to another not so human character I made a few predictions in my mind that happened to turn out just as I had predicted, but then the rest surprised me. I really did enjoy reading it. If it were possible to put a rating like with movies on any of the books in the series I would say pg15. Not just 15, but pg 15 I think the topics in the book need to be discussed with a mom, or aunt, or understanding grandma. Maybe I am a prude, but oh well.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Belle's Bistro

Off to the side I have a link to a web site I will be contributing to. Check it out, we post child friendly recipes and there are lots of links to other great cooking sites.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Just a question

Why don't maternity pants have front pockets? I need to carry snot rags and chapstick! Come on clothing designers get with it! Maternity clothes are much cuter than they were 10 years ago but I am pregnant so I get to complain, right? That's all just needed to vent that!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight review

I didn't see any children in the theatre this time as I did in the first one, but just a warning it is NOT a kid show. I may be a little sensitive being pregnant and all but I am only giving the newest Batman intsallment 2 stars. It truly was a dark movie so dark I expected to come out of the theatre and see a darker night than it was. The acting was great and the good guys of coarse are great, but the acting of the bad guys was too great! The joker was so convincing that it gave me the creeps. The worst part is and this is where maybe I am too sensitive, but everyone kept laughing at the joker. I did not find him funny. If I were rating the movie on the cleverness of writing and the acting skills I would have to give a better rating. I can't because when I go to movies I want to be entertained and forget it or inspired and remember it, not disturbed. This is just my opinion I hope I don't ruffle any feathers. I guess I'll have to be more carefull with pg-13 movies these days.


Well I got my ultrasound last Wednesday. IT'S A BOY! We're excited, although we are having a hard time agreeing on a name. I guess we have quite a bit of time for the name thing, but I like a name to say when I feel him kick! I wanted to post some pictures but he didn't really let us get any good ones of his face. He waded himself up in a cuddly ball(maybe a hint of his personality) so we got a great shot of his boy parts. His hands were cute in there, very dexterous he gave us a hang ten. So maybe he'll be a cuddly surfer dude. Just kidding about the surfer part. If Nate tells you we are naming him George, he's lying! I want Evan or Milo or Miles. I am nesting like crazy now and it is making me crazy waiting for our windows to get cut out so I can move the boys downstairs and get on with the preparations.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wow, It's been a really long time since my last post! I am sitting here with just Sophia. My boys and Nate went to Lake Powell for the hoo and whew for me. I am so torn, on the one hand I wish I had gone on the other I am so happy and COOL and COMFORTABLE here in my air conditioned house with my bed. I miss my guys though. I miss the help my boys give me with Sophia, but yet nap time is truly peaceful with no interuptions! I actually miss Max's babbling about pokemon, and Zac's constant art messes. I miss Nate's conversation and well that's not all. Anyway, night is especially hard when your used to staying up late with a companion so I've delved into a book...The Host. It took me a little while to get into, but then I liked it. It made me wonder what would happen or how I would react if an alien took over my body, I like to say I would resist because I resist a lot of things. I also wonder about the love srory part, but I don't want to give anything away. It's a good book worth a read!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

13 weeks

Yeah! I have made it to the point where I can finally feel a little bit more like myself. I don't feel like throwing up when I think about food just certain kinds of foods, but hey I will take it! I don't fall asleep at 2pm anymore, yes I still need to sit and take a break about then. Let's face it GH is on then so it's as good a time as any to take a break. I still cry about anything remotely sad or happy, but at least I can face the reality of what life is and wipe away my tears and move on with the day. I don't get back in bed after Max goes to school, not to say I am out the door as well, but I don't get back in bed and that is a good thing. I actually finished the laundry this week before I had to start it again, which is an accomplishment considering that I didn't get to start it on Monday as I usually do! I just love having a little energy back I even gardened on Tuesday and Wednesday, it gave me a back ache, but it was nice to be outside getting stuff done. I think I have prematurely gained my pregnant pouch because I got fat eating and sleeping the past while when I wasn't my active self so feel free to comment on my growing belly I won't be offended, I've never cared about my weight much. So I am happy... hopefully my next appt will be good and if my lucky stars are in order I will maybe get another ultrasound and find out the sex, but probably won't until 20 weeks oh well. What excuse can I give my doctor to let me get another one earlier?

Book Review The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de-Saint Exupery. This was a very interesting little book, it is a philosophical book with out the self-righteous fervor I sense in other philosophical books. I thought it was a little simplistic at first; but in thinking more about the meaning and symbolism also discussing it at book club, I appreciate it more. I would recommend it. It only took an evening to read so even if you don't like it you won't have wasted too much time. Stay tuned for more reviews, I am going to try and read The Host, I've heard it's great!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mom Tag from Juli

1. Typically, what time do you wake up? 6:30 to kiss Nate good-bye, then 7:30 to wake up Max.
2. On a good night what time are you kids in bed? 8pm when it's dark 9pm now that it is light. Lately 10pm
3. How long have you been a mommy? 8 years
4. How old were you when you became a mom? almost 22
5. What is your favorite kid's t.v. show? Arthur
6. What is your least favorite kid's t.v. show? Hannah Montana, she yells a lot!
7. What is your favorite chore? I actually like to do it all except toilets, as long no one is around to mess it up for atleast an hour.
8. What is your fave meal to cook? Chicken Noodle Soup with breadsticks on a cold fall evening.
9. What is your kid's fave meal? pancakes or waffles
10. What meal do you cook most often? pancakes or waffles or spagetti
11. What is your fave thing you husband does with your kids? With the boys I love it when he takes them outside and does anything with them cuz they love it. With Sophia I love how he can make her laugh hysterically.
12. What are 5 things that make you smile when your being a mom? When Max corrects an adults grammer ( I didn't thing he listened at school), When Zac tells me he wants me to be Kanga and him to be Roo for Halloween, When Sophia signs please and thank you w/out me asking her to, when Sophia sleeps with her bum in the air, When Max and Zac cup my stomach with there dirty big boy hands to "hug the baby in my tummy".
13. If you could take your kids anywhere where would it be? everywhere I went as a kid and anywhere else they want to experience. Anyone have lots of money they want to give me to do this? ha ha
14. When was the last time you went out w/out your kids? It has been a long time, maybe the girls night when we went to the movie!!
15. What is your fave pastime/activity to do with your kids? nature walks
16. What is the one thing you say that you said you would never say as a mother? because I said so which is futile, cuz Max always says what I always said, 'becuase is not a good answer!'
17.Name one thing you do that your mom did? Make them laugh when I am trying to be stern.
18. What is your fave quality your mom has? Enduring Patience!
19. What is your fave kids book? Harold and the purple crayon
20. What is your fave advice for new moms? Hold that first baby all day if you want to, cuz you will never be able to do it again! And remember he not an extention of you he is a child of God!
21. What is your most heartbreaking experience as a mom? Watching them have pain whether physical or emotional.
22. What is your most joyful moment as a mom? Watching them happily make good choices on their own.
23. When was the last time you told your one of your kids you love them? this morning.
24. When was the last time one of your kids said I love you to you? Last night
Tag to Katie, or Melissa or anyone who wants to share motherhood feeling with me

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is what happens when you let an 8 year old and a 5 year old get peanut butter out for themselves to eat with cherrios while you pass out from pregnant exhaustion! They leave it out for little Miss Chievous to find.

Isn't she cute though?!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

further updates

My nephew has been moved to the therapy ward which is really good progress, they don't usually move people in his circumstances this soon. Any further updates on him will be on a separate blog I created for him if anyone is interested

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thank You

Thank you everyone for your comments and love. My nephew Preston is paralyzed from the waist down. He is hopeful that it is not permanent and has started therapy. It will be a long and painful road for him. I pray for him daily, literally every prayer I pray has him in it! He says he has feeling where the doctors told him he would not, and we think this must be a good sign. Hopefully I'll be getting more updates today.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Life. The air we breathe, the muscles we use, the words we speak, the love we give. Do we realize how precious our lives really are? I know that I don't. I take for granted my health everyday. I take for granted my safety everyday, my kids' safety.
My nephew got shot last night. He is 22 years old. He has his whole life ahead of him. Someone felt like money and possesions were worth more than his life.
I pray that he will be whole and well again. All I can do is wait and hope and pray.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Look out for Mr. Stork
That persevering chap
He'll come along and drop
A bundle in your lap
You may be poor or rich
It doesn't matter which
Millionaires--they get theirs
Like the butcher and the baker
So look out for Mr. Stork
And let me tell you, friend
Don't try to get away
He'll find you in the end
He'll spot you out in China or he'll fly to County Cork
So you better look out for Mr. Stork

Look out for Mr. Stork
He's got you on his list
And when he comes around
It's useless to resist
Remember those quintuplets and the woman in the shoe
Maybe he's got his eye on you

I am excited to be pregnant no matter how surprising it is. Sophia will have a close sibling and that is good I think. I won't get to have a free lap this summer like I had planned, but oh well I have the rest of my life for that and I might just miss baby on my lap after. The boys keep freaking me out and saying that we're having twins. Now that would be a surprise! They are really sweet though, Zac is always coming up to me and saying, "Mommy I want to hug the baby in your tummy." Then he cups his hands all small and puts them on my tummy. If the baby is a girl Max wants to name her after my sister Sally. I told him we don't name after the living unless it is a middle name so he said then let's give Sally for her middle name. This morning he tried to tell me if it's a girl to name her May if she's born in May. When I told him the baby was due in December he said let's name it that, December. I hope his name choices improve when he is a husband and soon to be father. I am trying to enjoy this it as it may be my last.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Juno Review

I have my playlist set up so the song from this movie comes on first. It is a weird song, but really makes sense with the couple in the movie. I liked the movie, it was very interesting! I think it's good to see that even though we want life to go a certain way it doesn't always. That's as much as I can say with out spoiling it for those who haven't seen it. It made me laugh and cry, although I am in an unexpected pregnancy so a lot of things make me cry. All in all I recommend the movie, just be prepared to be shocked. The main character is a teenager and teenagers say and do shocking things. Also the acting was really great. They probably told the kids in the movie to literally act like they normally do. Aside from loving the old fat bearded teacher the best girlfriend character was really funny and genuine. Well that is that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I added a playlist to my blog I am not sure about the order of songs. I just added them as they came to my head. Some I have heard lately so I thought of them others I can just never forget! I could think of a million songs to put on here, but I just don't have time to download them all or really to listen to them all so I guess I'll just add as I want to and see how it goes. It comes on automatically and starts with the same song everytime I am already getting sick of new soul because I kept playing with my template so I heard that song started about 10 times tonight. So I guess if you visit my blog often enuf you might want to scroll down to my playlist and change the song. I have some of the August Rush songs on there. I made Nate watch it with me last night. I had seen it, but liked it enuf to watch it again, he said it was okay. It was a little sappy, but I like sappy movies and the music was inspiring! I skipped around on it today to all the main music parts with Max. It inspired him to practice his guitar (that was my secret plan)! I give the movie a thumbs up. My fave part was when towards the end August plays a duet with an important character (I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) it really is one of the sweetest moments in the movie. Well I need to go return the movie, don't want to pay more than a $1 you know. Don't ya just love that redbox?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The View or The Vent

Today I watched the view. I usually don't because it's just not on at a good time of day for me and well I am just not very impressed by it. Today I was sick and just had to sit and eat chocolate so I would not vomit. I needed to be entertained you know to also keep me from not thinking about just throwing-up! So back to the view-they say that they discuss hot topics...they don't, they just bring them up. They never let each other really finish a sentence, except Whoopi or Barbara. Somehow Whoopi and Barbara don't have to yell to be heard. Elisabeth never gets to finish her sentences ever unless she is talking about something that is not up for discussion ie, if she is introducing something/one. Even if someone asks Elisabeth a question she usually doesn't get to finish her answer. Joy wants to be heard and yells until the others stop talking. Sherri seems the most even keel, today anyway. Barbara wasn't on today, she seems to beable to keep things calmer. I don't know about this show. Does anyone else watch it? I call it the vent because it seems like that's all that noisy Joy ever does, but I guess I am venting. Well I probably won't watch it anymore. I should've watched the BYU devotional it's on at the same time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hi I am a bad blogger! So tonight I make amends! The cruise was fabulous! Disney really takes care of you! You eat like Kings and Queens...and Princes and Princesses! They really accommodate everyone, it still would have been fun for someone with out their kids or teenagers. The first day mostly late afternoon/evening we were at sea heading towards the islands, so it was a little cool and windy, but way better than cold and snowy! The second day we made land in Nassau. Beautiful beach interesting city. The people there drive like maniacs and honk and yell at each other all the time. Our driver told us that if he ran a red light, he would get a $800 fine and 3 months in jail, also that gas was over $5 a gallon and milk even more at $8 a gallon, but beer very cheep. He said that he preferred milk. We did some shopping not as much as I would have liked, but it was fun. We mostly spent the day at the beach. The water is really clear and the sand super soft. The waves were Max's favorite and the sand I think was Zac's. Sophia spent a lot of time asleep on Nate (I think that was when she came down with the flu) Max and Zac also found a lot of coral and shells. It was nice to go back to the ship and wash off the saltwater, and have a nice meal at the restaurant with our nice servers. Fred from Jamaica was our head server and Micholav from Serbia was his assistant. They were very nice and Micholav especially good with the children. Zac is very shy and he was able to (after many nonthreatening tries) get Zac to warm up to him. The third day we went to Castaway Cay, Disney's own island. Wow, Disney sure knows how to make things magical, I guess that is what they are known for eh? Well there was not a fallen petal or piece of garbage anywhere. They had "camps" for the kids with water fights and lunch, so the boys went there and Nate, Sophia, and I took an nice stroll around the island. Then we picked the boys up and went to snorkel with the stingrays. We stood by this platform that the stingrays would swim up to (they were swimming all around us through our legs and such)we would put our hand on this plate shaped like Mickey's head and have a piece of calamari between our fingers and the stingray would come up and suck it up, it felt like a vacuum attachment. Zac freaked when they swam by his legs and started jumping up and down so we paid $35 for him to stand on the beach. Oh well we tried, and it was fine. After you put on snorkel gear on and could swim with the stingrays, I held Sophia and stayed with Zac while Nate and Max did that, they said it was very cool. The rest of the time we played on the beach and just enjoyed the warm Caribbean breezes. That night on the ship was a pirates 'in' the Caribbean party, that was fun with fireworks and all. I was a very fun time! If I can make one recommendation to anyone going on one, bring another family and plan ahead to see all the different activities because we didn't and once we got there we were a little overwhelmed and didn't do as much. It was still very fun and we've never had a vacation like it before so I can't really complain! Well enjoy the pics

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adios Amigos

Hello all we are going on a Disney World cruise. Yeah! We are leaving on Saturday and we won't be back until Thursday. I don't think they will let me knit on the plane and I just don't know if I will knit on the cruise, even if I want to I think I will just be too busy. I think I might end up having withdrawls! So as soon as I get home I will get crazy busy knitting some cute little white cardigans, that I will add to the slide show. I decided not to knit Sophia a swimsuit just yet, I just ran out of time to do it in time for the cruise. Oh well that's the way it goes. Well I hope that it doesn't snow too much on you guys here in the winter world while we're gone. Just enuf to clean the air, right? auf wiedersehen!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New addition on slide show

Hello all! I have just added a hat to my slideshow. I tried to have Sophia model it, but she doesn't like to stay still. Oh well You can see the details of it in the picture of it on my couch and how it looks good on a child in the picture of Sophia. This hat was made for a boy, but I don't have a 9-18 month old boy at my house, Sophia looks good in blue anyway. Also this hat could easily be adjusted for an adult, maybe remove the pom-pom. Hope you like it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Slide Show

Hello Everyone I hope you are enjoying my slide show. I wasn't able to put the picture of the hat that first started the idea of selling my knits because the picture stunk! Hopefully soon I will finish my current project (a cute folk style hat) then I can start on Sophia's swim suit and I will post that as well.

My Brand Name

Okay I have been thinking about my label for my knitting and I think that EKO is good, but will not be my only label. I just can't be tied to organics as much as I want to knit in only organics for right now I have to be broader. So I was thinking also I might not just sell knits. I think I will start with something like... Millcreek Boutique or Emasue's Boutique, or I don't know. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emily Knits Organic

Recently I have been designing my own knitting patterns, very exciting for me. It all started when my husband told his co-worker who had shaved her head for Locks of Love, that I would knit her a beenie. So I thought oh hats especially beenies are easy, I will just make it up. I wanted to practice my cabling so I did a cable rib, which turned out kinda cute ( I will post a picture). My husband was impressed by my speed and told me I should sell them and he will make me a website. Well I am a sucker for a compliment and I was inspired. So far I have designed a purse, a raglan sweater for my 1 year old Sophia, a pair of glove /mittens, & the hat of course. I will be attempting a swim suit for Sophia as well. I know all my patterns probably are in need of some tweaking, as I am just learning all of this. As I knit I think of the possibilities and what I could do with all of it. I want to knit my designs in organic yarn, I just want to do my part in keeping the earth clean and healthy to live in. So I was thinking for a label, Emily Knits Organic ie. EKO, like eco friendly only with a 'k'. I don't know it's just a thought and I probably won't be selling anything until fall so I can build up a line of something worth selling. Anyway tell me what you think!

A Train To Potevka, Review

I just finished reading a book that my Dad recommended, called A Train to Potevka by Mike Ramsdell. Altough it is a novel, in the fact that he had to change or not be specific in dates, names, and some certain details; it really is a true history of his experiences not only in the USSR during the early nineties, but also his experiences leading up to the life changing days spent in Potevka . A Train to Potevka, An American Spy in Russia is more than meets the eye. Mike Ramsdell's book is more than your typical spy novel of espionage, near misses and getaways. It is a story of realizing the importance of faith in our lives. Realizing that faith, in not just the hard times, but in our everyday life. No matter who rules the land where we live, what is inside us, faith, hope, and love, can not be truely be taken away! As Anne Frank said, "In spite of everything I still believe people are really good at heart."

Monday, January 07, 2008

Okay I just posted this huge thing on bamboo, I still think it is important to see if your bamboo fiber product is tested, but I just went to the website of the lady, who seemed to be telling the person with the bamboo sheets that cotton is safer, has a list on her site for organic retailers and there were quite a few for bamboo. So maybe she changed her mind about bamboo or something. I don't know I am still waiting to hear from bernat; although just just because product says organic cotton, linen, or whatever that doesn't mean that it had an organic conversion process that just means it was organically grown. So until next post.

Is Bamboo really green?

Recently I purchased the most incredibly soft yarn. It's made mostly of bamboo 89% and 11% arcrylic. SOOOOOOO soft, comparable to cashmire. Softer than cotton althought I do still like cotton. So I was curious what the process of converting bamboo into fiber would be becuase the label says it is made in the USA and packaged in Canada. (Interesting tidbit, it is a Canadian company) Anyway I wondered is it made into to a fiber with chemicals somewhere else and just spun here? Is it laden with chemicals? So I have been looking it up and couldn't find much, most websites just talk about the breaking it down into a pulp that "chemicaly"(what chemicals) changes to a spinable fiber. Then I found a blog where people ask questions of this sort. Someone had asked a similar question to mine only she had purchased sheets made from bamboo fiber (also were super soft). People commented things like we can't trust China, they don't have regs and so on then a person from Bamboosa, a company that sells clothing made from bamboo fiber said this "The bamboo fiber that we use (and, as far as I know, what almost everyone uses) is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. For an in depth analysis of what that certification is, go here: See Basically, it says that the fiber has been tested for any chemicals that may be harmful to a persons health and has been found to contain no trace chemicals that pose any health threat whatsoever. So, based on that, we can say that we, and others in our industry, start with a raw material that is not contaminated. In the case of Bamboosa's manufacturing model, all other processes are done in S.C., so we are fully aware and in control of what, if any additional chemicals are use on the product downstream. "

So I looked at the link and if we can trust this company than we are probably okay with bamboo products certified by this company. So I have emailed Bernat the company that sells the yarn. Hopefully I will hear from them soon. If anyone has any insight to this please post.
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