Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I hadn't organized my coat closet boxes since the move, but it snowed so I decided it must be done. While doing this seasonal task I came upon some memories.
I learned to knit and crochet when I was a young girl, but I didn't realize the treasure my mother had given me until I became mother myself. My friend had been put on bed rest, her sister-in-law taught her to knit which sparked my interest again. I was amazed at how quickly I remembered the techniques. With a little pride in my heart I went for it full force and haven't stopped! The gloves were the first thing I knit that I was proud of, also the first thing I knit from a pattern(the other things were just practice swatches and beenies) I still wear them. The little hat and gloves were the next thing, I made them for my son who is now 10. TEN! The saddest part is that my youngest who is almost 2 has already grown out of them :( My heart hurts to pass them on to a younger nephew. Will his mom even put it on him? Should I just put it in my cedar chest? Am I being selfish? I don't really know what to do.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

baby stuff

I wish I could post weekly about my knitting adventures, but I just can't seem to do it; although it will be my goal from now on.
Here are some pictures of what I have been slowing doing over the last couple of months(besides moving).

This little blanket knitted in Knitpicks Crayon Lime and Begonia, is for my sweet new niece Adaline. It didn't turn out the way that I planned when I designed it :( The seams are very obvious on the back so even though the yarn is very soft I have to sew a lining for it. I bought some adorable fabric for the lining, but my camera's batteries are dead. The ruffles are my favorite I think they are Milo's too. Don't you love his little fingers trying to get in the picture.

I love cables! Love them. They keep my interest, yet are easy enough that I can follow the pattern while watching my favorite shows. This pattern is Pembroke and it is knitted in Knitpicks Swish Worsted Tide Pool Heather. This vest is for Milo.

Pink is Sophia's favorite color so pink is what she wants and pink is what she gets. I really don't give her everything she wants, but I do concede when it comes to pink clothes. I only have one girl so why not give in to pink? This pattern is Audrey's First Day and is knitted in Knitpicks Swish Bulky Flamingo. So far it has been pretty simple to knit. She has some really cute leggings with a similar pink and brown and turquoise that I think would look really cute with this sweater and a little jean skirt.

Hopefuly next Wednesday I can give an update with atleast one completed project.
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