Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gray's Disappointment

I was so excited about this sweater. I really thought it would look so cute! I guess I just have to chock it up to experience and learn from it. Don't customize a sweater for your best friend who lives in a different city for two reasons- customized sweaters need to be tried on often, and the pressure was so high because I just wanted to make her something nice, cuz she's so nice! Anyway here are some finished pics.
The sleeves were supposed to be puffy feminine sleeves, but the yarn was not the right type so it didn't give the proper drape.
Also the bust area was too big, some how I guess maybe my calculations were off. Boo Hoo:(
I wish I could say my gray days are over, but I still have to finish the hubby's sweater I started in March. I think knitting for adults has way too much pressure!
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