Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emily Knits Organic

Recently I have been designing my own knitting patterns, very exciting for me. It all started when my husband told his co-worker who had shaved her head for Locks of Love, that I would knit her a beenie. So I thought oh hats especially beenies are easy, I will just make it up. I wanted to practice my cabling so I did a cable rib, which turned out kinda cute ( I will post a picture). My husband was impressed by my speed and told me I should sell them and he will make me a website. Well I am a sucker for a compliment and I was inspired. So far I have designed a purse, a raglan sweater for my 1 year old Sophia, a pair of glove /mittens, & the hat of course. I will be attempting a swim suit for Sophia as well. I know all my patterns probably are in need of some tweaking, as I am just learning all of this. As I knit I think of the possibilities and what I could do with all of it. I want to knit my designs in organic yarn, I just want to do my part in keeping the earth clean and healthy to live in. So I was thinking for a label, Emily Knits Organic ie. EKO, like eco friendly only with a 'k'. I don't know it's just a thought and I probably won't be selling anything until fall so I can build up a line of something worth selling. Anyway tell me what you think!

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The Willson Family said...

great name! I love the organic idea ... it's so hard to find stuff that you're sure is organic and eco-friendly. Good luck!

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