Tuesday, January 06, 2009

After 4 what's 1 more?

So I've heard people say- after 4 what's 1 more? Well I don't know if I'll have 1 more, 4 is hard enough! Maybe I am just in a postpartum depression, but playing Milo's milkmaid, Sophia's tantrum sounding board, 2 school age children in check, a house in order, and a husband happy is starting to get me frazzled!

It just would be cool if I could sleep, so if you see me or talk to me and I am rude or say things that don't make sense, now you know why and I am sorry in advance
Kudos to all y'all who have survived babies with older kids in tow.

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Aubri said...

Hang in there! I think sleep deprivation is SOOOO hard...I'd consider #5 if I thought I'd be able to sleep more than 3 hours in a row the first year. I have a good story to tell you about when Ashton was a newborn and my girls were having dance recitals. Send some of your kiddos over here for a bit so you can catch some zzzz's!

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