Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sophia's Napsack

I last posted about this thinking I wouldn't be able to finish it for a long time, but my kids gave me a horrible cold. All the down time (time not doing home-improvement) gave me an opportunity to knit! I love opportunities to knit!

I made a liner so that Sophia wouldn't snag her little pony brushes or Barbie fingers on the yarn held through the back for color changes.

She loves it and enjoys carrying her treasures all around in it.

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julib said...

I think you are amazing with this knitting stuff! We had a good class today. They are quite a loud group. Especially my daughter:) I made sure they all got the taffy from you. Thanks for being such a great teacher. I hope you love your time in Nephi. I wanted you to know about this blog She is a friend of a friend and I am thinking about calling and getting her to design my curb appeal. It might be worth giving her a call. Talk to you later. juli

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