Saturday, May 14, 2011

I take each day one stitch at a time

 Here's Sophia's cheesiest grin, gotta love this girl. This little wrap around cropped sweater didn't really turn out the way I wanted, but it was cheap yarn so what could I expect. Ah well she likes it and that's what counts.

This sweater I started way back in January of 2010 and I got really far then it snagged twice as the pics below show.

I tried and tried in vain to fix the holes, but I just kept making them worse so I just had to...
RIP OUT! :(  
I have already started over and I'm pretty far, definately keeping this one in a better project bag!
More pics to come.
This little guy is Zozo, he needs some arms and legs I'll get to it. One stitch at a time right? Zac would really like me to finish, but those tiny limbs are tedious.
Here's some new yarn (like I needed any). Normally $9.75 but $5.85 on 40% off clearance. It's Simply Shetland Silk & Lambswool
I have a sweater in mind, I'm going to try designing again. I hope I don't get too frustrated and give up as I usually do. I love the way this swatch knitted up the yarn kinda has a vintage feel to it. More to come on this I promise.
Happy Knitting

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