Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wip Wednesday

It's been a long time and I actually have Fo's also, but I will post those on Friday of course. I have been knitting socks like crazy. I finished the duckies just like my mom's and it got me in the mood for more handknit socks. I guess that's inevitable, right? Well then my mom asked me to teach knitting and touch on sock knitting at her Relief Society meeting, so that got me thinking of the different ways to knit socks. I started a cuff down pair and a toe up pair, it's funny I started this project of comparing the two methods then about a week or two later I saw on facebook a post by Craftsy on "The Great Sock War". Well I'm not sure which side I'm on. I learned while preparing with my mom to teach the class that I'm not loyal to styles when it comes to knitting. My mom taught me the European way to knit (what some people call left handed knitting), I learned when I was probably 8 or so and then didn't do much because I didn't have any decent patterns at the time and I had no use for hot pads. Fast forward into my twenties when I had my first son and I was ready to knit again. I saw a knitting magazine at the store full of cute patterns for my baby. I looked at the pics of how to cast on, knit, etc and it just came naturally, I thought I was doing it the way my mom taught me. So just because I learned to knit socks cuff down first doesn't mean I have to keep doing it that way if I happen to like the toe up method better. It may depend on the fit of the socks in the end.

I am also doing a favor for my sister, a couple of years ago she had my knit socks for here whole family (all 8 of them plus my nephews fiance). Well now my nephew has 2 sons and my neice got married so 3 more stockings have been requested. I started my nieces hubby's cuz I had the right colors in my stash.

So here come the pics

Cuff Down

Toe Up

Christmas Stocking

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*Katie* said...

You are amazing! What a talent you have :)

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