Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The View or The Vent

Today I watched the view. I usually don't because it's just not on at a good time of day for me and well I am just not very impressed by it. Today I was sick and just had to sit and eat chocolate so I would not vomit. I needed to be entertained you know to also keep me from not thinking about just throwing-up! So back to the view-they say that they discuss hot topics...they don't, they just bring them up. They never let each other really finish a sentence, except Whoopi or Barbara. Somehow Whoopi and Barbara don't have to yell to be heard. Elisabeth never gets to finish her sentences ever unless she is talking about something that is not up for discussion ie, if she is introducing something/one. Even if someone asks Elisabeth a question she usually doesn't get to finish her answer. Joy wants to be heard and yells until the others stop talking. Sherri seems the most even keel, today anyway. Barbara wasn't on today, she seems to beable to keep things calmer. I don't know about this show. Does anyone else watch it? I call it the vent because it seems like that's all that noisy Joy ever does, but I guess I am venting. Well I probably won't watch it anymore. I should've watched the BYU devotional it's on at the same time.

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