Friday, December 05, 2008


Milo is still not here yet! He doesn't seem to think being on time is important, a habit I hope he breaks by the time he starts school! Maybe I was a bad example with all the times I was late to church this year. I have been going a little nuts! I know he is only 2 days late, but it's still as frustrating as can be! I will hopefully be induced on Saturday (if my cervix is favorable). I am trying to visualize me progressing(you know all the voodoo natural stuff) and also planning for disappointment, what a contradiction! I didn't break into tears right away at my doctor appt like I did with Sophia, that happened at 3am Thursday while I yelled at Nate about everything I am mad about. I probably looked like a pregnant Medusa, I am surprised he didn't run away screaming, he even brought me to his fancy work party where he gave a really good speech. I would say maybe the due date was incorrect, but 2 ultrasounds said Dec. 3. Oh well so that is my update.

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