Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football & School Starting

This post is overdue, I should have done it as two seperate ones, but whatever. Max plays football now my little boy is playing a sport where the mentality is CRUSH UM'! It's strange what he is supposed to do on the field is not socially acceptable to do anywhere else especially to your little brother who is not expecting a tackle. Yet this sport is probably the most popular American sport and we can't help, but take pride in him playing it. We aren't even sport watching or following at all kind of people. A word of warning for those yet to have an 8 year old boy, it takes over your life. Luckily it will be over before Halloween. He has been playing since August and has only won one game, although yesterday they almost won. It was a really close game the whole time then right before the last play the East coach was out on the field with his players, shaking them and head-butting them. He was pretty serious about what he told them because they ended up preventing our boys from making the winning point. It was pretty crazy to see that guy shaking those little boys. I've never seen our coaches do that and I hope I never do.

Zac starting school has been great, he really likes it. Sophia misses him when he is gone. He is so cute he comes home and tells me he has a new best friend but he doesn't know his name. Here is a cute pic of boys in the ward in his class.

These boys were nice to pose for me.

As keeping with tradition that actually skipped my generation, (I care more about my German heritage than my mom does hers) I made Zac a Zuckertüte or Schultüte. My mom said it was Zuckertüte which means sugar sack, she is from East Germany and had one when she went to kindergarten (German for children garden). I have the cutest pic of her with hers back in 1950 or something I will have to find it and post it soon.

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