Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Windows yeah!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!! We have windows in the basement!!! Can ya tell I am happy about this? Sister Hinkley once gave this advice in an interview..."Lower your expectations." At first when we started this whole window fiasco I had really high hopes and was so excited and I kept getting let down. I was so disappointed, then I remembered this advice and lowered my expectations. Well after that the windows guys actually called me on the day they said they would to tell me that they would be here sooner than I thought and then they actually came on that day and installed the windows in half the time I thought...exceeding my expectations! What a wise woman, Sister Hinkley! Since everything in the end went my way it is so hard to keep my expectation low I just have to not expect Nate to finish the sheet rock and stuff inside the house and then he will... right?

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