Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just a short word about Home Improvement

If you are lucky enough (like me) to live in a 55 year old house then you probably are also lucky enough to have tiny basement windows. Well...cut them out before you finish the basement or plan on having your walls and carpet ruined. Also plan on the contractors taking a really long time and to take early lunches long breaks with lots of cussing and leaving for the day at 4:00 even if the job is not done and they told you it would be. Also it is really noisy, more than you can imagine. I just had to get that out! Our contractors really were nice guys and I guess it is just how the nature of their work is. At least now when we put the boys in the basement we know they will be able to crawl out if there is a fire (hope there is not!) I just hope they don't want to crawl out of the windows for fun.

1 comment:

Aubri said...

If you have your 100 year old tree trimmed, plan on the guys chain smoking while they are up there breaking a sweat hauling down branches. Oh, and plan on them leaving all of their cigarette butts in your yard :)

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