Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Musing about Motherhood

I love my children. I have been reading Glenn Latham's books and learning that I suck at mothering. Max is such a wonderful kid that he has put up with my stupid mistakes for 8 years now. It is so embarrassing that he is as old as he is and I am just barely figuring a few things out. I am way too emotional(don't tell Nate he might use it against me) & anxious, but I have learned today is not forever. The boys will learn to be quiet in sacrament, they will learn that playing with lego's when your supposed to be getting ready for school will make you late. I am learning that no one is listening to my noisy kids in sacrament just their own and that if I have to drive the boys to school it is not the end of the world just inconvenient! I am learning that Sophia is at a very messy age(As if she is followed by a tornado), but that she also likes to clean up and responds well to 'Yeah!' The boys laugh when I cheer for them, but I think that deep down and as long as I don't do it in front of their friends that they really like it. I don't have to have an anxiety attack about every little thing! I just need to stop and watch and I will see that growing is happening and I am in charge of making sure that growing is positve.


Aubri said...

I think we are too hard on ourselves as mothers! I think if kids feel loved, secure, and happy then we're doing our job :)

Laura said...

I think we will always be learning that we suck at mothering and we should always be proud of the mothers we are.

Difficult balace, huh!

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