Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Boo Hoo no more cute Maks! Can't they give him a new partner? I mean we have had to put up with watching Cloris Leachman's disgusting wrinkly cleavage at least give us our eye candy back!

You have to admit that is eye candy, and the man can move he can even make flamboyancy look masculine! Does anyone else watch this show? I love it! With the remaining stars so far I think it will come down to the Mom/model, the fat guy, and the kid. The others are good, but I think these three are consistently good and the most high profile. I just hope people will vote off Cloris because even though Rocco can't really dance well he's better than Cloris and so adorable.

Okay I'll stop rambling!

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