Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Name change in order?

I feel as though I should have named this blog Emily's ramblings about anything because that is what I do. I rarely blog about knitting which is sad because I do a lot of it. So now I will and I hope I don't bore my non-knitting friends. When I got back from the cruise earlier this year I had a major creative block (little did I know I was pregnant and I think my body was busy making baby number 4 more than just some cells). I couldn't even get myself to knit other peoples patterns let alone continue designing as I had been. I was so depressed so I took a break, but now I'm back and here are some cute little ballet slipper style shoes on my very unwilling model Sophia (I wanted her to point her toes).

And here is Sophia again in the funniest pants ever, but Nate's loves them and that makes all the difference. Notice the cable on the side.

I don't know if anyone is interested, but both of these patterns can be found on the most awesome knitting site
Right now I am working on a fair isle back pack for Sophia because she always steals her bro's and loses their school stuff, not good! I have also gotten into quilting so check back for photos of Sophia's new bedroom when I finish it. Maybe I should name this blog Crafty Emily, no that sounds bad maybe Emily tries to craft...I don't know it will probably stay what it is.

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K Willson said...

Cutest pants! Love them! I LOVE quilting! It's my very favorite past-time! I have a ton of cute patterns and block sets when you're done with Sophia's room ... give me a call and I'll get them to you!

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