Friday, November 07, 2008

Delete, go private, remain the same?

So my friend removed her blog because of this report . I did not see the first report on blogs, but I think maybe it is sensationalism for the media. You know just something to report. I can understand the woman's fear and frustration. Because it turned out to be a family friend or member or something I think it is not so bad, it wasn't a stranger or sicko. I have only ever had 2 people I didn't know comment on my blog and that was when I used labels and when I was linked to another website on purpose. I really don't think anyone is going to look at my blog other than friends, family, or fellow knitters. I do look at other knitters blogs that don't know me, people from around the world as far as Scotland and Germany, but I usually don't read the posts about their kids, husbands (or dogs for that matter) just the knitting ones. I don't judge my friend for turning off her blog it is what she needed to do, I am just wondering am I rationalizing and naive to keep my blog?


the anderson family of four said...

Please don't delete your blog! I think it's such a wonderful way of scrapbooking and journaling all at once! If you do go private, send me an invite though (even though we've never met :).

I think as long as you're a *smart* blogger you're safe... like don't post your address and security code and when you'll be out of town.

As far as my blog goes, it's not private (but if I ever got a creeepy comment ir would be!) and I feel like if I'm going to be reallly paranoid and stressed about something happening, then that's exactly what I'll attract...

Something I did to mine that I love is I put on a Feedjit live traffic feed so I can always see who is looking at my blog, and I don't allow anonymous comments either.

Sorry for the long comment!

Shannon (from our cooking blog :)

Larson Family said...

Do NOT delete your blog. I am really sad I did. If you ever get nervous, just go private (although I am too lazy to look at my friends who are). You can always look at the URL to see who is viewing it. Sorry to scare you!

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