Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween, fuzzy suckers, & snow

This year I volunteered in Zac's class, he said I wasn't allowed to dress up just wear a funny halloween shirt. He's a very particular kid. By the way Sophia is a pink poodle(not a lamb, there was some confusion)

These suckers were found after Sophia had spent some time down in Max and Zac's room. When Nate asked Max about it he said, "Oh Sophia did that she likes to sample stuff." We continue to find discarded suckers.

Big kids are great! Even though the age gap in our family is complicated(with all the sports and school stuff) sometimes it really comes in handy to have your 8 yr old be able to take your 2 yr old out in the snow when you are just too pregnant for your snow coat. Thanks Max! Zac is great too he did help her up a few times when she fell down.


Abi said...

i hate HATE suckers. the stickyness an the mess and then how the sticks are everywhere! ugh!

Shanna said...

Your pic of the suckers made me laugh! It reminded me of when Brynn used to do that....and sometimes still does.
I love your blog and your posts. You have good insights!

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