Wednesday, September 07, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Happy WIP Wednesday! I love progress, but it's hard when it's slow so I'm not even showing you my dad's socks I was working on last WIP Wednesday. It's not that I'm not making progress it's just that well it doesn't look like I am when there are 2 socks. It's like starting over when you start the new sock and I'm not even that far...Boo Hoo.  I get bored when things don't move along fast enough so I start new stuff. Plus I just bought gorgeous yarn so who can blame me? This first one is the Ethereal Triangular Shawl in Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace. It's for Nate's Grandma for Christmas. I really hope it turns out good. I started it and then realized that I need a chart keeper so this one may sit like this until I find one.

Next we have the Lovely Belfast. I'm using Berroco Inca Gold which is being discontinued. So sad because it is truly a joy to knit with and it knits up so beautifully with such a nice twist.I am really excited for this one and I work on it a little too much I even brought it up to my cabin and knit it there. I usually don't get the chance to knit there because we go on hikes and stuff, but my nieces and I had a little impromptu craft circle. They were making friendship bracelets and so I joined in and knitted. Now they all want to have a craft sleepover and I'll teach them to knit. So fun! I really should work on Christmas presents so next week will probably be full of those. 

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