Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holy Freakin' Felting Cow!

This is a picture of the French Press Felted slippers all knitted up.

All sew together.

Now time to felt it can't be that hard so I looked it up online. Ought oh I don't have a top loader! Okay look up how to do it by hand here
Okay cool I buy myself a brand spankin' new plunger and get to work. 
I practically broke my back doing this. By the time I finished I was in shorts and actually in my tub straddling my bucket.
It is not easy, so I put my kids to work. What's that, child labor laws...what?
Anywho I am really worn out truly it's so hard. My arms kinda feel like jelly.
The slippers are blocking now and need the flaps and buttons sewn on. 
Hopefully tomorrow I will have an FO for my Friday.

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