Monday, October 10, 2011

Passing on the tradition

Not this weekend but last my sweet niece came up from Mona to stay with me for the weekend. My little ones just love her and request her often; so when I needed a babysitter for Zac's since Max would be coming with us to the dreaded (I dread them, the kids love them) arcade for the party, Lydia came immediately to mind. She is such a sweetie and gets along with everyone in the family, I've always thought of her as a little bit mine even though she has a 
wonderful mother ( my awesome sister).
So it was conference weekend and while the men went to priesthood meeting us girls did girly things and the kids played. Lydia taught me how to make jewelry and feather headbands and while watching conference on Sunday I taught Lydia to knit. 
 Zac took some goofy pictures of us but notice the cute feather earring I'm wearing and the cute feather headband on Lydia's head.

Listening to the spoken Word on Sunday
I bought Lydia some essential notions, but we'll have to visit the lys soon because Hobby Lobby didn't have the needles and of course the yarn I like!
She learned quickly and I wrote her a pattern for an easy bag that we'll later sew to some liner fabric for a notions bag. I can't wait for our next lesson, I love passing on the knitting tradition. 

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